Sunday, June 22, 2008

Twin Reunion

It is time to get ready for the reunion. My job is the auction. There will be an auction for the adults and one for the kids. Use your imagination. It seems handmade thing are good and especially anything that has sentimental value. Ethel's family, Eathel's family, or anything to do with the twins. This is a trial to see if this will post. More to come

Monday, July 23, 2007

Hawley Lake Review

I did this once but it is not posted. I am trying again, if it works I will try to remember what to do so I can tell all about the fun I had.

The let Down of Hawley Lake

We all had fun, but the rain was in the way. Charmaine's campfire gathering was so good. I did not know Busby bar-b-q came from Abe on his mission in the South. Im sure all the grand kids will remember Abe and Clara. Eric's rendition of Abe showed the kids it is not just another story about someone they do not know. Charmaine introduced them and Eric made them real. I mean Abe and Clara. not the grand kids. Marilyn is so talented, who ever expected to be in the song "Follow the Prophet"? The Primary Association will be asking you to write some songs. Malcolm did a great job with the auction. This is fun for everyone, and a big help with camping. I don't have a camp stove, washing dishes area, a tarp, cooking utinsels, besides what about all the paper goods that are part of the home camp and not something we all have to bring up. Thank you Charmaine and Jim. We will all see how much work it is to set up and take down. Remember your assignments for next year. Im already loking forward to the reunion. What are some the highlights for you?

Monday, July 9, 2007

Hawley Lake

Are you ready for camping? Be sure you are getting things for the auction.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Busby Family Communication

How do you do this? I typed one message but I did not say to publish it, and its lost. Now Im trying again. I set this blog up for us to keep intouch with eachother. I have spent the last 4 hours trying to do this. I keep forgetting which email and which password I use for different things. Yes Im learning to do this and this will be better than email because we can write things about our families and you can comment back. Ayear ago I was crying in every computer class because I couldnt figure out how to enter something and all the rest. Yes, my teacher was freaked out by all my crying but she told me to keep trying. She never made fun of this old lady trying to learn things all these young kids were doing. Im thinking about doing school again. Someone comment so I know I set this up the right way. Grammy would be so proud of us for doing this. This must be why we had Family Home Evenings at Grampys house once a month. I love you all and I hope you knowmore than I do about the computer. { I confess I talked to Chea alot today so I could do this}